Monday, May 09, 2005

Manitoba's Education Minister Should be Fired!

Last week it was revealed that one of Winnipeg's School Divisions decided to play central planner and sold off some land for development. At the cost of $2 million, the school division made a $700,000 profit. The interesting twist to this story is that the school board was well out of its jurisdiction when it decided to dabble in land development as it not within the scope of the Public Schools Act. Adding insult to injury, this very same school division just raised taxes (again) for all of the home owners in the area.

The Minister of Education, Peter Bjornson, who's story changed day by day, claimed he did not know about the deal, but the division's superintendent said the deal had been approved years ago, thus blowing a big hole through Bjornson's ignorance plea.

Because of the Ministers' incompetence and lack of regard for the taxpayers within the school division, I called for his resignation which you can read all about.

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