Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's all about who ya know

450 patronage appointments in one month. Paul Martin was a busy man, what with "getting to the bottom" of the sponsorship scandal and all.


Justthinkin said...

Oh puleazeeeeee...I can smell the rot from here.And the only outcome will be more Ontarians who didn't make the list voting Liberal,in hopes of getting the next welfare check from the rest of the country.And who does Roy think he is??Is he trying to elevate himself to used car salesman??

Free the West

Anonymous said...

Hey, a couple of days ago, it was noted there were 45 000 new government employees. OBVIOUSLY, these people need leadership - so the appointment of 450 extra leaders is really pretty mild. I'd have a bad time leading 50 new employees, let alone 100.

Yeah, right.

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