Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Haven't we seen this movie before?

Canadian provinces are being played like a fiddle by film companies. Turns out the taxpayers of California are paying the biggest price.

Matt Welch of Reason writes in the LA Times:

If Mississippi and South Carolina want to offer government giveaways to Hollywood, well, that's what desperate, second-rate states do. If a hardworking Romanian wants a movie job, I don't want my tax money used to block him. And if subsidies and protectionism were the keys to a successful film industry, the Canadians and the French would have overtaken Hollywood years ago.

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Sara MacIntyre said...

Oh but reason fails to have reached the lemming-like political leaders in BC who are both hinting at giving more to the film industry. Oh but both oppose coportate welfare, the hypocrisy!

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