Thursday, May 26, 2005

Government jobs overtake private sector

A new report out by StatsCan shows that the only job growth this year has been in the public sector or in self-employment. Its no wonder, considering the amount of government spending over the past year.

It looks as though any of the bureaucratic fat trimming of the 1990s has not only be recovered, it's on track to balloon again. According to the report, close to 3 million people work for government, either local, provincial or federal--the highest since 1994. According to the findings, the steepest increases are found at the provincial and local levels and that half of all provincial employees work for a health or social service institution.---Big surprise!

In the first few months of 2005, Canada's job market saw a loss of 39,000 private sector employees and a gain of 45,000 government employees--is there something wrong with this picture....meanwhile real GDP growth in US is up 3.5%.

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Toronto Tory said...

No wonder the Liberals stay so high in the polls.. at least 16% of voters are on their payroll.

Justthinkin said...

One of the big reasons the U.S. has growth is lower taxes,but let's not forget they have less of those soul-destroying,economy wrecking things called UNIONS.It is no coincidence they produce 30% more than the average Canadian,but have 45% fewer unions.The days of the unions doing any good are long gone.Now,they are are just a money-sucking lifeline for NDP'ers and their socialist dreams.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Your Liberal federal cartel" Manufacturing a loyal voter base by culturing employment reliance.

Where this happly little flirt with soviet block employment theory falls flat is that when the public sector employment outstrips the private sector employment how does this impoact the tax base...or the dollar for that matter which is backed by productivity potential...and we all know governemnt indistry is non-value added and does not create wealth.

if this trend continues we will be joining the Banana republics who also have more government employees than private sector wealth creation.

Anonymous said...

This is what Edmund Burke meant by "pensioner."
Tom Cerber

John Murney said...

This is not a surprising development.
The private sector spent the 1990s cutting positions - if governments are willing to hire these people, it is only natural their numbers will come to be a sizable portion of the population.
I'm not saying this is a positive development, just one that isn't surprising.
As for unions, I have spent a huge portion of my life working in non-union workplaces, and the working conditions there have been awful. I am all for unions, but not with unlimited power.

TheBubble said...

Wow, what a government. Next time Ralph the Malph goes on about how great an economic record the Liberals have, we'll just remind him that most of the job creation is in the form of innovative-busting, productivity-lagging, paper-pushing, regulatory-hugging bureaucrats.

el said...

Based on these kind of job creation numbers we are on are way to becoming an undercover socialist state. No wonder the Libs and the Dippers have the same reflection in the mirror!

Charlotte Taylor said...

It's ironic that Paul Martin, the finance minister who trimmed government spending in the 90's is now
Paul Martin, the PM who is increasing it in such a reckless, short-sighted manner.
My job requires me to pay into a union, and I resent it quite a bit.
Recently my money funded TV commercials expressing a view against about government that I don't hold. I believe unions should be allowed, but they should always be voluntary - then if individual employees don't agree with a position on an issue, they can either no join the union or leave it.
I was told that I didn't have to join the union, but I had to pay union dues!

Civitatensis said...

JObs, jobs, jobs --for Liberals. And no end in sight...

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