Friday, May 27, 2005

CTF blog has arrived

Thanks to friends at Small Dead Animals and Shotgun, the CTF blog has been discovered. Thanks for dropping by. We're new to the neighbourhood, but we're figuring it out as we go along.

If you have any info about government waste you want exposed, let us know and we'll look into it.

P.S -- Here is the coverage received in Regina on gas tax honesty. I assure you, I'm much better looking and less angry in person. Ho ho.


John Murney said...

David, you seem very committed to the cause on that picture!
Seriously, the campaign has a great message; hopefully it will be very successful.

Charlotte Taylor said...

You wanted suggestions of tax issues to look into. I would like some attention to the role of government funding in business. You recently posted that more and more of our economy and jobs are within government, but what about the fact that many businesses rely on us, the taxpayers, for survival, rather than business sense or people wanting their product or service. We all know the obvious examples: Bombardier and Air Canada.
Here on PEI, the prov. government recently lost 31 million$ in the 'Polar Foods' scandal (in a province of about 140,000 - that's nearing $250 a person if you factor in children). While the local media reported extensively on this issue, not one journalist asked the real question - should tax money keep businesses alive?

Robert W. Snyder said...

Maybe you can help out with the Manitoba Minister of Education and the Seven Oaks School Division investigation?? The report is supposed to be ready on or before June 2, 2005. That's tomorrow!! I am trying to publicize everything I can find out about it on my WebLog. Please feel free to visit and comment on anything available! I will also put a link to your blog on my 2 Weblogs:

Seven Oaks School Division Investigation

and the other on Canadian Political and Social Issues at:

Canadian Eh!

The School Division is not getting anywhere near enough attention from the media because of all the other "High Priority" newsmakers currently happening.

I could sure use some HELP!

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