Thursday, May 26, 2005

Conservative party takes up CTF cause

The Conservatives rushed out a news release supporting our gas tax honesty campaign, which of course is good news. The question remains -- who is mirroring whom? It's worth noting that we have been running this campaign for seven years. The 2003 motion Jaffer references was actually based on our 2003 report. Of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Over the years we have collected 110,000 signatures including 1,500 from mayors and councillors across Canada. If you want gas tax honesty, sign our petition here.

Conservative Party committed to gas tax honesty
CTF Report Mirrors Suggestions Put Forward by Conservatives
TORONTO – Rahim Jaffer, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Strathcona and Official Opposition Critic for Infrastructure and Municipalities welcomed today’s report from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) on the Gas Tax. Many of the recommendations put forward by the CTF are similar to those made by the Conservative Party of Canada over the past several years. These include reducing the excise tax on gasoline, eliminating the GST on the excise tax and putting more money into infrastructure. In fact, it was the Conservative Party in 2003 that brought forward a motion in the House of Commons demanding the Liberals to directly invest gas tax money into Canada’s cities and infrastructure.

Mr. Jaffer said, “Today’s report from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows how truly dishonest Paul Martin and the Liberals have been with the taxes Canadian consumers pay at the pump. The Liberals claim they are helping cities while the reality shows that our cities are starved for cash and our roads crumble.”

“The Conservative Party of Canada” continued Mr. Jaffer, “is committed to a new approach of investing gas tax revenues into Canadian cities and infrastructure. Our party, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, has made the commitment to not only match but possibly even exceed the amount of spending the federal government does on infrastructure while reducing taxes for all Canadians. We are committed to fewer potholes, better highways, and more public transit.”

Conservative Party of Canada policy states that: “A Conservative government will reduce federal gasoline taxes conditional on an agreement with the provinces… to fund infrastructure in provincial and municipal jurisdictions.”


dave said...

Not having personally owned a car for the past twenty-odd years, ( I call them 'wheels for wetbacks' by the way), I could frankly give a rat's ass what they charge for a liter of gas, (apart from the fact that it puts more derangeos on the street, to get in my face.

Russ Kuykendall said...

Um -- why fight it? I remember Saskatchewan Reform MPs taking on the gasoline tax and calling for more of it to be diverted to Saskatchewan highways as early as the mid-90s. And I've little doubt they were the first to think of it . . .

Anonymous said...

Has the Conservative party asked for your aid/help/assistance re tax policy?

Why are they reactive? Could they not be proactive on tax policy and other areas?

Jema54 said...

ruskuykendle, you are correct! This was a Reform Party idea and that idea was like most Reform Party idea's for the benifit of Canadian taxpayers' - one written by Mr. Stephen Harper.

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