Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10 per cent pay raise for Alberta civil servants

This Edmonton Sun editorial makes a lot of hay about the proposed 30 per cent raise for Alberta Deputy Ministers, but what I found jaw dropping was that rank and file civil servants in Alberta are looking at 9.9 per cent raise over the next three years.

The last 3-year contract for provincial employees was 3-2-2. If you add in this next raise, civil servants will be taking an 18 per cent pay hike over six years. The proposed raises for DMs are a drop in the bucket compared to raises for the entire government.


Anonymous said...

Agree that the $ amounts for the masses way exceed the DM bill, but isn't the point really that 30% is totally unjustified regardless?

Gotta love it when the unions try and play catch up for years of restraint. Think I'll try that on my private sector boss! ;-)

357martini said...

Somebody is gonna run you out of the country..your too sensible.
Keep up the cool blog

Shawn said...

I have no problem with bonuses or raises, provided they are tied to performance-related issues. If they were doing 9.9% more work or shaved 9.9% of other costs, bully for them. Unfortunately, we can rest assured that this is not the case. 9.9% raise for managing to not get fired?? Sounds like Canada to me.

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